Teacups & Bouquets

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. ― Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

Joan Potter,  Lilies & Eucalyptus , oil on canvas, 20" x 22"

Joan Potter, Lilies & Eucalyptus, oil on canvas, 20" x 22"

Martin Mooney,  Oriental Poppies & Ceramics , oil on panel, 48" x 36"

Martin Mooney, Oriental Poppies & Ceramics, oil on panel, 48" x 36"

Walt Gonske,  Samovar with Roses , oil on linen, 32" x 34"

Walt Gonske, Samovar with Roses, oil on linen, 32" x 34"

Laura Robb,  Bouquet and Asian Tapestry,  oil on linen, 18" x 12"

Laura Robb, Bouquet and Asian Tapestry, oil on linen, 18" x 12"

Several of our contemporary artists paint beautifully paired bouquets of fluid, bright florals with the peaceful stillness of ceramic pieces.  Lilies & Eucalyptus, by Joan Potter, contrasts white lilies with red, green and gold, and a touch of oriental influence. Martin Mooney, too, often paints brilliant flowers amidst fine ceramic pieces and patterned fabric from faraway lands.  These still-life paintings are simple and serene, yet bold and adventurous; miniature worlds depicting temporal, earthy pleasures, inviting calm and contemplation.

Laura Robb and Walt Gonske paint lovely arrangements of teacups and flowers in a more impressionistic manner, offering a different perspective on the juxtaposition between manmade and organic material.Bouquet and Asian Tapestryin Robb's fresh and vivid style, depicts an upright cup topped with an array of purple pansies. Gonske's roses, in Samovar with Roses, also convey this pleasing contrast between movement and wildness surrounding vases and tea. What could be more inviting than this single cup of tea, tucked into a dazzling display of nature?

We hope you have a moment to stop by the gallery for a metaphorical cup of tea; to enjoy these serene still-life paintings in person. Despite the cold, the garden is also inviting – even in the winter it feels alive and wild, a beautiful backdrop for the quiet sculptures.