Soviet Art

Until recently, the Russian artists of the 20th century were virtually unknown to westerners. The lifting of the Iron Curtain, and the end of communism in Russia, has led to a fortunate discovery in the western world: the remarkable, life-affirming paintings from the Soviet era. The Soviet Realists were academically trained, state-commissioned artists; consequently, they painted propaganda. However, they also created extraordinary "practice" art – joyful paintings of children, the vibrant landscape of their homeland, and serene still life paintings were a symbol of life’s continuity.  These paintings, created during tumultuous times, celebrate the triumph of the human spirit.

In the 1980's, Mikhail Gorbachev shifted away from the policies of government censorship and control, ending the unusual historical circumstances that inspired this remarkable period in Russian art. Isolated from western influence, the Soviet Realists developed a unique style and a strong sense of camaraderie. We are fortunate in our continued efforts to offer works by this select group of exceptional Russian artists, and we encourage you to stop by the gallery to see these paintings.