2016 Exhibition Schedule

Dan Ostermiller, bronze,  The Jackal , 15" x 32" x 5 1/2"

Dan Ostermiller, bronze, The Jackal, 15" x 32" x 5 1/2"

Our 2016 exhibition schedule features the work of contemporary artists Chris Morel, Dan Ostermiller, John Moyers, and Terri Kelly Moyers. “We are delighted to show the art of these exceptional contemporary artists,” says Gallery Owner Nedra Matteucci, “thus continuing the tradition of introducing their newest work every few years. These much anticipated events honor their dedication and artistic evolution, opening exciting new chapters of their art with each exhibition.” 

Natural Wonders: Paintings by Chris Morel and Sculpture by Dan Ostermiller, June 25 – July 16

A past President and member of the National Sculpture Society, the talent of Dan Ostermiller is widely recognized. His ability to express the personality, characteristics, and physical traits of animals in bronze is unparalleled.  From his innovative studio in Loveland, Colorado, Dan’s inspired compositions have grown from his youthful love for and thorough knowledge of animals gained from his years working, studying, and traveling throughout the West and Africa. Ostermiller’s sculpture reflects a lifelong adventure in animal art.  

Chris Morel,  October Display,  oil, 30" x 40"

Chris Morel, October Display, oil, 30" x 40"


Chris Morel has focused on painting in oils for over 20 years, sharing his keen observation of southwestern beauty through exquisite, light-filled compositions.  “I'm certainly looking for something different in my work,” says Morel of his latest paintings.  In his search for perspectives, he focuses on the interplay between color, sunlight, and mood. Morel is the featured artist for the 2016 New Mexico Artist Calendar, and his enchanting paintings have won numerous awards, including the Best of Show Maynard Dixon Country. 



John Moyers and Terri Kelly Moyers: Time-honored Traditions in Painting, August 13 – September 10

In August, husband and wife artists, John Moyers and Terri Kelly Moyers, will present their newest collection of original oil paintings, showcasing the couple’s shared love of the Southwest, each with their distinctive interests and techniques.  From a broad range of locations painted in traditional, small plein air style to large, figurative work that keenly reflect the history of the Southwest’s multi-cultured inhabitants, Terri and John remain focused and dedicated to their established rhythms in contemporary painting.

The Moyers are both accomplished, award-winning traditional realist painters. Among many accolades, Terri Kelly Moyers has won the Frederic Remington Painting Award at the Prix de West Invitational twice. John Moyers, too, has won numerous awards, including the prized Robert Lougheed Memorial Award at the Prix de West in 2013. Together, the couple has studied with fine painters such as J. Noel Tucker, Ramon Froman and notably with their friend and mentor, Robert Lougheed. They met at a two-month painting workshop Okanagan Game Farm in British Columbia. Now, they live and paint in Santa Fe.