Michael Kanteena

b. 1959
Michael Kanteena is an award-winning Laguna Pueblo potter. He specializes in recreations of historic and pre-historic styles, such as those found in the ruins of Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde.

His studies of ancient pottery have led him to explore the design motifs of the Mimbres and ancient Mexican peoples, which have also found their way into his contemporary styles. Due to the merging of cultures, old and new, Kanteena’s animals, pots and kachinas are distinctive from other pueblo potters.

Kanteena received the Wingspread Collector’s Guide Award of Excellence and Judges’ Choice at the prestigious Heard Museum Indian Artists’ Show in Phoenix. His work can be found at the Wheelwright Museum of Santa Fe, as well as numerous galleries.

Kanteen lives at Laguna Pueblo with his wife, Cynthia, daughter, Shawnee, and son, Joseph. He received a BA in Fine Arts from Eastern New Mexico University in 1981.

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